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DeliverAny is a bespoke logistics service platform for cargo owners and logistics service companies. It utilizes technology to help to manage your shipment and find logistics service vendors of your choice. With DeliverAny, your logistics just got simpler, safer, and more efficient.


DeliverAny allows you to enjoy a secure, systematised, and reputable logistics solution in and to any part of the world.

Place and manage order

DeliverAny helps you place and manage your order from the point of dispatch until its delivery. With a user-friendly AI-enabled interface, DeliverAny feeds you with regular updates on the status of your cargo.

Enjoy a diverse portfolio of proposals

Get proposals from companies that will like to work and choose your preferred option from the pool. This way, you have even better control over the people your cargo is entrusted to.

Track order status

From live reports on the location of your cargo to easy access to your driver, DeliverAny offers you real-time updates on all your orders while keeping you in touch with all your cargo drivers.

Track cargo in real-time

Want to keep a watchful eye on your shipment? DeliverAny offers you an extensive report on your cargo, down to the littlest detail. With DeliverAny, constant communication is a sure thing!

Track your spending

Everything from the details of your accrued expenses on cargo supply and delivery is presented to you in real-time, offering you informed data on all your spending.

Secure order transition

With an encrypted security code that is unique to you, DeliverAny offers a safe way for you to guarantee the security of all your cargos right from dispatch to delivery.

Secure payment and wallet

DeliverAny e-wallet simplifies cargo payment by offering you a fast, mobile, and highly secured payment option that helps to improve your efficiency as a cargo owner, whether you are supplying or receiving orders.

Get assistance for all your cargo

Even in your absence, DeliverAny allows you to assign any sender or receiver of your choice to your cargo, maintaining the same quality of communication and reliability through the different status of your cargo.

Insure your order

Protect your orders from irrecoverable financial losses when you insure them through our trusted and reputed insurance partners at DeliverAny. With competitive premium rates and the expertise to protect you, you can be sure that you are well covered.


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The ease, multi-function, speed, and security of DeliverAny makes it the favoured choice among the thousands of people who continue to rely on it for efficient logistics services.

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